Name with Colors in DotA and Garena | DotA Name Color Codes

Ever wonder how others have custom colors in their names Well it's just an easy way to have for your Garena Client and Warcraft 3 Dota.

Note: While playing, you can not see the colored name, so other players can only see this except yourself.

Type this codes in your Name or Garena Username:

Red is .|c00ff0000(your name)
Green is .c0000ff00(your name)
Blue is .|c000000ff(your name)
Yellow is .|c00ffff00(your name)
Magenta/Bright Purple is .|c00ff00ff(your name)
Deeper purple/violet is .|c00a400ff(your name)
Cyan is .|c0000ffff(your name)
Teal is .|c0000ffca(your name)
Black is .|c00000000(your name)
Medium grey is .|c007c7c7c(your name)
Goldish is .|c00ffbd00(your name)

Hope you guys enjoy your new Name! Happy Dota Gaming!

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