DotA 101: DotA Total Newbie Basic Guide

I'am not a DotA pro but I will teach you the basics you need to know when playing DotA. Also some FAQ questions...
What is the meaning of DotA?
-DotA Means Defense of the Ancients

Who created DotA?
-IceFrog Created it.

What is DotA?
-Dota is a Custom map for Warcraft III. There are lot of hero to choose from and it is the battle between Scourge and Sentinel.

What are the attributes in a hero?

StrengthEach point increases your total hit point (HP) and the hit point regeneration rate.
AgilityEach point increases your attack speed and armor.
IntelligenceEach point increases your mana point (MP) and mana regeneration rate.

The Warcraft 3 Interface(When Picking Hero):

1. Tarvens
- Agility 1 & 2, Intelligence 1 & 2, Strength 1& 2 Sentinel
- Agility 1 & 2, Intelligence 1 & 2, Strength 1& 2 Scourge
2. Current Gold
3. Score Board
4. Pick Hero
5. DotA Map
6. Game Time(In minutes)
7. DotA Map Version
8. Warcraft Menu

DotA Interface(Start of Game):

1. Hero Inventory
2. Hero Commands/Skills
3. Hero Stats/Level/MP/HP
4. DotA Shop
5. Circles of Power
6. Well Of Life

Range and Melee Hero:

Here how you know if you will pick long range or a melee hero.

Hero Types:

  • Strength Type
  • Intelligence Type
  • Agility Type

Game Phases:
  • Early Game
  • Middle Game
  • Late Game
Hero Lanes:

1. Top

2. Mid

3. Bottom

Power Ups:

  • Double-Damage - Doubles your current Damage
  • Invisibility - Makes your hero invisible
  • Illusion - Creates 2 Illusion of your hero that deals less damage than the original hero
Note!: If you have empty bottle, you can store the power up by emptying the bottle and if it is already empty, click it again the crosshair will appear then click the on the powerup. If you use the power up inside the bottle, the bottle will be refilled again.

You can get the power up in this part of map:

How to buy recipe items:
- Don't immediately buy the scroll/recipe, buy first the items needed.


Here you need the items messerschmidt's Reaver, helm of the dominator which is also a recipe item and a recipe.

So here we'll buy the Dominator first. In this item we need Helm of Iron Will and Mask of Death

1. Helm of iron Will 

2. Mask of Death 

NOTE!: Helm of Dominator doesn't need a scroll/recipe so if you buy all items needed, it will be automatically created. Also, there are some items like helm of dominator that doesn't need a scroll/recipe to be created.

3. messerschmidt's reaver

We already finished the Helm of dominator, now we'll buy the messerschmidt's reaver  that can be bought at the secret shop located here:

The final item is the recipe/scroll, so we'll go back to the base and buy the recipe.

Finally we finished creating satanic.

That is all I can teach to newbies, as I said, I am no pro I just know how to play this cool game.

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