DotA Switcher 1.24e and 1.26a

Easy to use 1.24e and 1.26a version switcher for DotA...
How to install:
1. First download the Warcraft Version Switcher(WVS) and the TFT Warcraft version needed.

Version Switcher:
WVS Mirror 1(Megaupload)
WVS Mirror 2(Mediafire)

Mirror 1 TFT 1.24e (source)
Mirror 2 TFT 1.24e (source)
Mirror 3 TFT 1.24e (source)

Mirror 1TFT 1.26a (source)
Mirror 2TFT 1.26a (source)

2. After downloading extract all the files in one folder.
3. In the warcraft version switcher folder, open the wvs folder then put there the TFT Version.

How to use:
1. Open the wvs.exe
2. click on the first icon or the "switch version" button.
3. Choose the version of your choice you want to switch, double-click it.
4. It will ask you if you are sure, click yes.
5. DONE! Open your warcraft now!

You can still add other TFT version in your switcher. Just search the version you want in Google.